Jesse Jackson’s Ubiquity

Is it just me or does Jesse Jackson seem to spring up wherever he can get the most visibility? Is he a famewhore or am I just misinformed. And I guess he could be both a famewhore and a worthy advocate. But lately he just seems like a famewhore.

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7 replies on “Jesse Jackson’s Ubiquity”

  1. I go for famewhore, too.

    Geez. I mean the man has no boundaries.

    Maybe if I do something rash, he’ll pray for me.

    Oh gawd. NO!

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  3. I am not sure why this struck me, but I just heard that the Pope is getting a feeding tube inserted. In the context of the Schiavo case, it will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

  4. I think too many people overestimate The Rev. Jackson’s role as a liberal leader. When it comes down to it in this particular case, Jackson is about his faith. There’s not much of a line between fundamentalist philosophy and Jackson’s personal religious motivations. Why are liberal-minded people shocked at the thought of a Pat Robertson running for President, but not a Jesse Jackson? They’re two sides of the same coin — dragging faith-based influences into a church-state separated government.

    Thomas Jefferson is rolling in his grave as we speak.

  5. I just read that the publicity whore Jesse Jackson blasted Bush for the relief efforts in New Orleans. He also said that Bush should have appointed more blacks to be in charge of the relief efforts. Go to Yahoo! and read the article. Jackson is in N.O. for one reason – himself. He knows he can get his face on television. He actually thinks that only blacks are affected by this disaster. He really knows how to bring people together.

  6. I thank you for this website. I hope people all over the country will see Jesse Jackson for who he really is.

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