It’s official:Andy: I almost fell

It’s official:

Andy: I almost fell over when Brian said the word boyfriend when introducing
Andy: I’d never heard him say that word before
Ron: what about you,,?
have you slowed down?
Andy: um
Andy: yeah
Andy: duh
Andy: I’m only dating

Andy: you
Andy: and even before then
Ron: he h ehe,, just like you,,
you don’t like using the word boyfriend
Andy: WHAT?!
Andy: I’m not the one
that doesn’t like using the word boyfriend.
Ron: what do you mean? you
always refer to me as your “friend Ron”
Andy: when?
Ron: you always
say that “My friend Ron”…..
Andy: that’s it!
I’ve had enough!
Ron: so,,, I keep thinking,, am I just a friend? of a
date? of a boyfriend
Andy: 🙂
Ron: LOL
Ron: we are?
your not just a friend
Andy: because we have sex
Andy: and you’re not just
a date because we’re exclusive
Ron: ok,, he he he,, I playing coy
I know.
Andy: Yo’ure such a bastard.
Andy: 🙂
Ron: LOL,, so we are
Andy: sure – why aren’t we boyfriends?
Andy: 1) I like you.
2) You like me.
Andy: 3) We’re dating.
Ron: I would love to be your
Andy: 4) We’ve been dating.
Andy: 5) We’re exclusively datign.

Ron: ok,,,,yeah we have,,,
Andy: 6) We argue about if we’re boyfriends
or not.
Andy: therefore
Andy: we are boyfriends.
Andy: oh my God
I have a boyfriend!
Andy: holy shit!
Andy: =-O
Ron: =-O I am shocked,,,,
the shocker!!!!!!!!!
Ron: I have
a BF!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andy: oh my God!
Andy: or are we moving too fast?!
hee hee
Ron: I dunno,, what do you think?
Andy: nwah
Andy: like Karen
says – the fact that we obsess about the issue means we are
Andy: you seemed
the reluctant one anyway
Ron: what do you mean?
Ron: I was never
Andy: whnever we bring it up you seem a little reluctnat
Andy: hee
Andy: this is SO funny
Andy: we’re too fucking cute
Andy: we should
put out a memo to teh gaysian posse
Ron: LOL,, you are funny.
Ron and Andy Reach Boyfriend Status: “We’re both very happy” says nauseating cute
rice/potatoes couple.
Ron: I have never been reluctunt,, I was just not
sure how you felt about it
Ron: LOL
Andy: okay tehn
Andy: it’s official

Andy: tell your friends
Andy: tell the wordl
Andy: we’re boyfriends!
Ron: ok ,, he h ehe
Andy: I’ve never had one beofre!
Andy: hee hee! I hope I do it right!
Ron: really? i am the first?

Andy: yup
Ron: wow,,,,
Ron: first bf,,,
Andy: you popped my
cherry Ron
Ron: LOL,, whatever!!!!!!
Andy: I have been besmirched and
Ron: lol,,
Ron: hold on, bathroom break
Andy: k
Im back,, that was fast huh?
Ron: so it is official,,,,? we are BF?
yey,, he proposed to me online,,,
Andy: hee
Andy: hee
Andy: yew
Andy: Andy and Ron are Boyfriends
Andy: I have a boyfriend
Andy: You
have a boyfriend
Andy: We’re boyfriends.
Ron: WOW<<
Ron: 😀

Andy: you’re such a cheeseball
Andy: I refer to you as my boyfirend to other
Andy: that’s what
Andy: is so funny
Ron: whatever
Andy: I’
Ron: I can refer to you as a BF now,,
Andy: yes
I like that 🙂
Andy: me too

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