Iranian Lesbian Blogger Faces Her Faith

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Let me tell you something. I really believe in God, Mohammed, and Ali. I believe in some of the prayers like “Ayatolkorsi”, “Naade Ali”, “Va En Yakad” and so on. And I say these prayers whenever I’m going out of the house. But I also believe there are some rules that are getting more outdated every day, and I don’t have to obey them. Anyway, in general, I am very proud to be identified as Muslim. I feel this very strongly, and being a Muslim is my own choice, not my parents. I don’t see homosexuality as having any conflicts with my beliefs. I’ve settled it in my own mind. I believe that my religion says we should love and have relationships with other people. There is no mention of the sex of my partner.

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  1. Anyone interested in seeing more on the same line and getting a good idea of the modern face of Iranian gay and lesbian Muslims should read the writings of Irshad Manji, lesbian author of “The Trouble With Islam”. Ms. Manji can be accessed through her website: As a former muslimah, I can say that her writings are cogent, well-thought refutations of what in the American mosques is called “hislam” – the cultural and folk more’ adaptations of the tenets of religion that become codified and believed in as if they were issued book and verse from the original writings of the Prophet.

    Manji just premiered a PBS special entitled “Faith Without Fear” – recommended watching for muslims of all stripes and those interested in the inner workings of revisionism and getting back to basics. More here:

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