In America, Everybody Gets to Be a Victim

In undergrad, I wrote a little ditty one-act called Debbie! where my buddy Karen played a uber-sleaze Jenny Jone-ish talk show host (Brigitte played the therapist Dr. Carol Carlson, Alan directed it, Lingo was the wigga hoochie in the audience). At the end of the play (the talk show) the guests and the host play a gameshow called Be a Victim where they each let loose a litany of why they deserve the most sympathy from the public and the least accountability for their actions.

But Mark Foley manages to take his sexual advances on minors to the front door of the Catholic Church and blames his behavior on his own victimization and alcoholism.

Meanwhile, Candace Gingrich’s girlfriend is witholding love from her this week since Newt suddenly give a shit about gay bashing.

Just on Daily Show, Jon Stewart on Iraq: "What do you call it when a hellhole hits a cataclysm? A catastrophuck."

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4 replies on “In America, Everybody Gets to Be a Victim

  1. That’s such a fantastic idea that I’m amazed nobody’s done it already. Certainly in this country there’s no end of chavs who’d be queueing up at the door.

  2. I was saying to someone today, that Foley is sounding like a chorus of “Gee Officer Krupke” (from “West Side Story”), with the ever-shifting list of reasons why it’s anyone’s fault BUT his own.

  3. Let’s not forget that, in some twisted way, he’s making a point that the fact that he’s gay makes him, not only a pedophile, but also a victim of “behavioral problems” (mentally ill?)!! Disgusting. He’s still in bed with the Republicans on this one. And isn’t it convenient to decide to go into rehab now?

    The other thing that disgusts me is Hastert knew about the entire thing, lied about it of course and now he gets to head up the investigation….What a bunch of bullshit!

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