Impeachable: Bush Moved Afghanistan Funds to Iraq Effort

Congress approved a huge amount of money for the effort to invade and secure Afghanistan and then Bush shifted $700 million of that to the not-yet-begun war in Iraq. This is an impeachable offense because Bush did not seek Congressional approval and it is in violation of constituional law. Dave Sirota has the whole breakdown.

And the Woodward book also proposes that Bush and Cheney shared the Iraq war plans and maps with Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia before they approached Colin Powell. Isn’t that disgusting (and also a violation)? Powell was the last to know.

It’s enough to make you weep.

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7 replies on “Impeachable: Bush Moved Afghanistan Funds to Iraq Effort”

  1. I heard Prince Bandar on Larry King Live, he said “blame de White House people! Don’t blame me!” I am not joking.

    I know! Randi Rhodes had his audio on two days ago. He actually called in to Paula Zahn’s show a few hours before that and then called in to Larry King’s show. Absolutely crazy.

  2. Kinda reminds me of the Iran-Contra Affair when the Reagan Administration pusued their foreign policy by circumventing the normal checks and balances.

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