If You Can’t Legally Consent, Your Gender Doesn’t Matter

Sexual advances on underage ANYBODY is illegal.

Since when the fuck is the GOP worried about being accused of gay-bashing? What a bunch of fucking assholes.

That’s it Hastert, climb up on the fence with Matthew Shepard. He’s waiting to cover your tracks.

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3 replies on “If You Can’t Legally Consent, Your Gender Doesn’t Matter

  1. As I watch the news is there a difference in text messaging and have sex in the White House?Andy, I hope you and the readers of this site have a chance to watch Frontline on public TV.It explains why we have lost the war in Pakastain………..

  2. Here’s another bit that I find repulsive about this Foley nonsense – Foley is claiming alcoholism and past abuses as the “reason” for his behavior, and ran off to a treatment center.

    Last I knew, alcoholism didn’t cause pedophelia.

    Now, is Foley an alcoholic? That’s another matter- one that doesn’t even enter into this circus.

    Don’t play the victim card, either. Adults have no business messing around with children. Period. No excuses.

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