I lost my job.

Got 2 weeks notice yesterday. Not a huge surprise. The company is settling into a major marketing phase and so project management and development isn’t that necessary for right now. Everybody’s offered condolences and I know it kills my boss to have to let me go. If contracts come through in the next two weeks the tide could change but I doubt something could materialize that fast.

Blogging may be sporadic as I look for a new job. I’ll be posting my resume in a few days.

Trying to stay out of panic mode – an emergency clench! that immediately throws me into scarcity thinking instead of expansive opportunities and looking at this as a door open to a Next Big Thing. More later.

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  1. hey pal, sorry to hear about that. if you’re over here in Singapore, i’ll offer you a job! but i’m sure this is an opportunity for change and perhaps even better prospects and with your talents, you will have no probs! all the best and keep us posted!

  2. Andy,

    Allow me to be the first to congratulate you.

    I always feel a sense of celebratory joy when one of my obscene skilled friends gets an opportunity to view the lack of security that comes with traditional employment.

    I know you already have some coaching clients and teach blogging (or at least I hope I understand that correctly. If not I will go put on the dunce cap and send you a digi pic so you can blog on it).

    What I’d like to know is how much of an opportunity is there for you to take up information marketing at a high/more accelerated level? What would it require of you in terms of throughput to cover you lifestyle and expenses? Then how much more to cover other things like insurance, etc.

    I’m going to be doing my first event as an Internet Marketing trainer in LA. It’s a break for me from Real Estate Investing training. So there’s something to be said for this path.

    Frankly, I think the job search is smart and necessary. However, would you consider a goal in 2005 to find that job and make sure if the same happened in 2007 or ’06 you wouldn’t NEED to fear panic or scarcity?

    I know you have so much value. I believe in you…especially if you need someone to believe in you more…



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