Hugging Farrakhan

Keith has a close encounter:

“The makeup will be our people, whoever we are,” said Farrakhan. “Male, female, gay, straight, light, dark, rich, poor, ignorant, wise.” Farrakhan added, “We are family. We will be coming together to discuss family business.” After the press conference, I went up to Farrakhan backstage and I introduced myself. “Minister Farrakhan,” I said, while shaking his hand, “My name is Keith Boykin, and I am a black gay man. And I want to thank you for your inclusive comments about gays in the Million Man March.” Without missing a beat, Farrakhan responded to me with a long, warm embrace. “Brother, I love you,” he said as we hugged. “We are all part of the family. We are all part of the same community.”

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