HOWTO: Design a Civil War

Another facsinating comment on Metafilter details why Iraq is failing – it was designed to slide into civil war. Iraq as a country is designed to fail.

[T]he British carefully used their monopoly over cartography to ensure that these newly independent entities were cut up into chunks that would perpetuate ethnic strife and provide a ready pool of minority groups bidding for British support to their power with offers of enhancing British influence over the nations affairs.


In this case, the “exit strategy” is clear. Permanent bases rooted near strategic reserves, like oil fields, can be erected. The region can be allowed to dissolve into civil war, allowing the U.S. the opportunity to remove itself from general view and withdraw to said bases, where they can use the ongoing conflict to justify continued prescence in the region

Or as recipe:

  • 3 parts ethnic groups that hate eachother
  • Multiple decades of colonial rule
  • Country borders drawn to ensure internal conflict
  • Imperial oversight to guarantee conflicts perpetuate need for imperial rule
  • Drainage of natural energy resources under guide of ‘stabilization’
  • 2 parts complete lack of consideration for centuries of civilization and history

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  1. ….Mix thorougly in a large mixing bowl. Should be the consistency of a quagmire.
    Leave to rise three to four years or longer, depending on the amount of funds you want to use. 😉

    Great show yesterday!

    Courtney at WXCT-AM

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