Homeland Security Re-Education Camp

I had a dream last night that I was in a re-education camp operated by the Department of Homeland Security to help errant citizens re-shape their views of the administration. It was very much unlike a camp and more like a super-sterile prison/university. Empty rooms, blank walls, tables and bleaching flourescent lighting. I had been in there for about four months – there wasn’t much brutality but always the threat of instant violence – it was strange combination of boredom and terror. I was in a classroom of tables and a female guard had come in – she had befriended me somehow – she had found some letters sent to me by others outside the camp. She tried to put her hand on my shoulder as she gave them to me but I flinched knowing that physical contact would mean immediate disciplinary action. I didn’t even open the letters. I just laid my head down on the table and sobbed knowing I might never leave the camp again.

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  1. I have a similar dream in which Lynndy England flogs me with a three length of garden hose while John Ashcroft sits by and flogs himself, muttering “Redrum”.

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