Hillary vs Condi in 2008?

Ugh. On both sides.

What could be one of the most fascinating presidential elections of all time: Hillary Clinton vs. Condoleeza Rice. Besides being assured of the long overdue first woman president, we would have two of the more intelligent candidates in recent memory going against each other. Now that (unlike last night’s Democratic debate) would be interesting.

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3 replies on “Hillary vs Condi in 2008?

  1. This would be the best race in American politics ever! Both women are loved by the extreme elements of their parties, though it seems that they could have wide-spread appeal among mainstream America. It truly has come to a time in our country that we must begin seeing women as possible leaders of our nation, not just as flukes within the American political system. Saying all that, we must also realize Dr. Rice would also be the first minority on a major party ticket, effectively tearing down two walls at once. SHe is clearly the more brilliant women of the two, with much more experience in foreign affairs than Mrs. Clinton, which is desperately needed in today’s post-9/11 world. Run, Condi, run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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