Today is Ron’s birthday. He doesn’t want to do much today but I just wanted to say that I’m happy he was born. My buddy Beth used to say that on my birthday and I think that is the best sentiment you can give people: ‘I’m glad you were born.’ It seems to wrap up all the feelings we have for a loved one in a few words, sincerely and honestly.

Ron’s one of the only guys I met that I thought: I could love this man.

And he makes me laugh. Anybody that gets excited about going to bed at night and giggles because it’s cuddling time is a keeper.

Ron is the first and only guy I’ve walked up to out of the blue and asked out. I can’t imagine who I’d be without him (and how I’d look: he still reminds me how bushy my hair was, how skinny I was and how I wore baggy khakis too often).

Not sure what is on tap for today for festivities. We might just stay home and binge on History Channel. Ron has a crush on Josh Bernstein.

(picture from our Hawaii trip last year)

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  1. Happy Birthday, Ron! I’m glad you were born, too. You make Andy happy, and that’s a really cool thing. And isn’t it a gift to share love the way the two of you do? We could use more of that in the world.

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