Happy Birthday Dungeons & Dragons

Original Dungeons & Dragons ampersand logo.Countless hours I spent in my early teens as the adventurous Mage Trazen. I even had my own island of Rebow where my populace was happy to be ruled by such a noble and courageous sorcerer. Times used to be you could solve any problem by casting a Magic Missile spell. The Beeb gives the scoop on the revolution of role-playing games that started 30 years ago with the first release of Dungeons and Dragons. (via Slashdot)

I still maintain that RPGs are the easiest way to teach kids (especially young boys) algebra and probability. Hell, you can even use it to teach sociology – anything revolving around understanding total integrated systems – ecology… all that stuff.

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3 replies on “Happy Birthday Dungeons & Dragons

  1. RPG’s?? Rocket Propelled Grenades?

    Algebra! That was my problem. I always wondered why I never got into D&D. Perhaps if I had learned how to play with experienced players… not playas.

  2. RPG = role-playing games. And remember that CBT is computer-based training not cock and ball torture.

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