GLAAD Wastes Time on American Idol

Gay rights group GLAAD wastes their time on American Shithole:

On Tuesday’s show, seen by a Nielsen-chart topping 35.5 million viewers, Cowell told one male contestant to “wear a dress” and Jackson asked another, “are you a girl?”

That’s just one in a huge parade of fagged up guys that really really really need to accept the fact that they think other guys are sorta cool in that neato-keen, wanna cuddle with them kinda way. It is embarrassing to these guys that yes they are flamier than a Basked Alaska. I mean really, is anyone else seeing these eyebrows on these guys?

Dear GLAAD, I understand that you have to keep your efforts in the headlines, but using American Idol as a way to pop in the news really is a complete waste of your time.
Simon Cowell is an asshole. He says asshole-ish things. He picks on FOB asians, minstrelsy/ghetto-ed-out blacks, classic fatties and yes: fagged up closet cases. The show is a testament to self-imposed public abuse.

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2 replies on “GLAAD Wastes Time on American Idol”

  1. Well said! If some of the guys walking in there are confused about their identity, how can they expect three strangers to figure it out on their own? GLAAD is wasting their time here.

  2. That dude was soooo looking for attention crying ‘I wish I didn’t look like this!’. My 2 year old niece is more convincing when she cries for something she knows she shouldn’t have…

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