George Tenet Digest

Much ado about Tenet on 60 Minutes. Here’s some scrapings:

He repeated “We do not torture” five times within the space of one paragraph. And then, if you bluster and bully and say, “Now, listen to me. Now, you’re not hearing me,” that people will take you more seriously. This is ridiculous. Of course, they torture.


Last night on Larry King Live, Tenet obstinately rejected the call to return the medal [of Freedom, awarded to him by Bush after he left the CIA]: I would never give thought to giving back the Medal of Freedom. … I accepted the award on their behalf [the men and women of the CIA] and I will never give that medal back.


Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz on George Tenet’s criticisms: “So what’s interesting here is: This is no longer the liberal media saying this. This is no longer a bunch of journalists of questionable patriotism saying the Bush administration rushed to war; wanted to invade Iraq all along; didn’t have a serious debate. This is the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency.”

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