10 replies on “Frog Blender 2000

  1. I believe that was the first JoeCartoon.com flash toon I have ever seen. I saw like two years or so back when I got a flash book from the library and it was in the CD at the back. But I’m more fond of the gerbil series 🙂

    Microwave one is very much similar to the frog bender where you control the torture (uhh…)

  2. I used to love to do the forggie blender,,, ever since i was eight years old.. It has been 8 years and I still love to do it!!!

  3. u guys all suck, i dont know what your freaking problem is, go lick a frog, then kill it in a blender, what? u wanna go?just because wee are hippies doesnt mean you have to kill frogs, frogs are poor innocent cretures, AND THEY ALL SHOULD DIE!!

  4. I hate u and I don’t understand why a frog. Why not a cat under a lawn mower?I do hate frogs, but a cat under a lawn mower would be more funny. please try the cat and I will write back!!!!!!!!!!!

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