Ford Motors Caves to American Family Association Over Gay Advertising

The Aryan American Family Association has convinced Ford Motors to cease advertising in Out and Advocate:

I reached XXXX on his cell phone, xxx of Ford pr. We had a lengthy and civil, if tense, discussion. He clearly confirmed that Ford was pulling ads from "advocacy publications," which seems to cover every gay magazine and newspaper in the country since they "advocate" a "gay rights agenda." xxxxxxx said that this all started due to Ford ads in Europe, which apparently include some gay people/couples in a positive way. But he did confirm that Ford had indeed reached a formal settlement with AFA, and this specifically includes withdrawing advertising for certain Ford vehicles from LGBT publications/media.

I’m glad to see Ford leaning more toward the bigoted views of their founder Henry ‘Anti-Semite’ Ford.

Voice your choice at Ford Corporate: 800-392-3673 or 800-232-5952 (TDD for the Hearing Impaired)

Tell the American Family Association to fuck off at 1-662 844-5036.

This from a company the HRC gave a 100 rating.

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8 replies on “Ford Motors Caves to American Family Association Over Gay Advertising

  1. I called their contact number and the woman I spoke with was actually very courteous and equally surprised. She said they are receiving a high volume of calls on the matter, and gave the impression that those calls are having an impact.

  2. damn. not that i’d be likely to buy one anyway, but the Focus my (gay) boss drove was a nice, affordable, fuel efficient car. why the hell would you pull advertising from ANYwhere in these times, when they need all the sales they can get?

  3. I guess I’ll be looking at my boyfriend’s Focus in a new light then. “American Family Association”? Sorry, I even *think* those words with distaste. My last Ford was a Sierra, many many years ago. Personally I’ll stick with Japanese, thank you very much. At least those don’t break down all the time. And I will never touch anything Italian ever again.

  4. The 2000/01 Focus ignition switch problem(search Focus Ignition) and Ford’s refusal to Recall is more than reason to never buy a “Gay” Ford. And I own a Ford Truck—deliver me.

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