Ford Execs to Fly With the Proles, Continue to Make Shitty Cars

Put the chump on Southwest and you’ll save even more:

The action comes amid media scrutiny over his flights, a common perk among executives but an expense that raised eyebrows because of billions of dollars in losses last year at Ford. Mr. Fields is the architect of a turnaround plan, the Way Forward, that calls for the elimination of 44,000 jobs through 2008, along with a series of plant closings. Ford does not expect to be profitable in North America until 2009. Mr. Fields, who has told employees that they had to be prepared to share in sacrifices at the auto company, became president in October 2005. His employment agreement, which included a $1 million bonus, entitled him to use the company jets for personal trips. He has primarily traveled to visit his family in Delray Beach, Fla.

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