For 50 Years, Mother Theresa Felt No God

From an upcoming book of correspondence between Mother Theresa and her superiors:

The letters, many of them preserved against her wishes (she had requested that they be destroyed but was overruled by her church), reveal that for the last nearly half-century of her life she felt no presence of God whatsoever — or, as the book’s compiler and editor, the Rev. Brian Kolodiejchuk, writes, “neither in her heart or in the eucharist.”

From Metafilter comments:

My view: Mother Teresa saw the reality of life more intimately than nearly anyone who has ever lived; she saw no kind and benevolent God because it doesn’t exist. Kindness and benevolence comes from us, not an invisible superhero in the sky, and there wasn’t much of it to be found toward her chosen charges.

Whether or not you believe in a god, or God or gods, I think the struggle of faith is so rarely articulated and seen as a fundamental weakness of the faithful – instead of an ongoing journey. I’ve always thought that you sorta have to nail Christ to the cross yourself to see if that is really what you believe instead of being spoonfed a belief system from a nomadic gaggle of shepherders.

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2 replies on “For 50 Years, Mother Theresa Felt No God

  1. Much like Americans have become fat and lazy literally, they have become spiritually fat and lazy. Americans like their religion like their fast food, they just want something to consume to make that bad feeling that comes with ignorance go away, much like they want to consume a big mac.

    I say people need to admit their own ignorance and worry more about the here and now than what may or may not be. If people were more honest with themselves they wouldn’t have a crisis of faith when things aren’t going the way they expect or want. That should be enough for any human being, just not as comforting. Just like how people don’t want to take the time and discipline to eat what’s good for them, they don’t want to live with the reality that life is unpredictable and doesn’t go your way most of the time.

  2. If we were to find the document of Christ I sure that we would be disllusioned as to the spritual life.
    AS you arise in the AM we are given another day on planet earth.Christ message was not that we have life after death it was that we have life.WE must do good things while we are on planet earth.
    Pray for health and happyness in all place on planet..

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