It is Wednesday. Dad just called and said that we should catch this week’s Frontline that is about the retirement system in America. They feature some employees of United and dad just said that the whole show made him so angry hearing about how senior executives treat pensions as the first thing to go.

Do you ever think about that? What if pension programs continue to implode in this country… I have some notes on this from American Theocracy that I still need to type up. We need Americans to save but the economy is built on buying shit we don’t need. How do you serve both? Americans have one of the lowest percentages of personal savings globally. We may be the land of milk and honey but we’re not freeze drying it for a rainy day.

Dr. Eric, Lisa and Maryam all said many things last week that have my head spinning. Thinking about the future, What It All Means, and what not. I think they all three feel like I’m still not truly stepping into my capabilities. All these coaches want to be on Oprah – that being blessed by Our Blessed Mother of Daytime will be their silver bullet. Fuck it, I want to be Oprah – maybe the anti-Oprah (not knocking the Ope but she needs a good shadow side). But Oprah mixed with Art Bell and Stephen Colbert and Lewis Black and Amy Goodman and Greg Palast and Rod Serling and Julia Cameron and Brecht and Artaud all rolled into one. I don’t know what this all means in terms of business, target market, niche, yardy-yardy. But most of my advocates tell me that I need to get a bit more tapped in intuitively.

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  1. Hey, fair disclaimer! I said I was totally not READY for Oprah. Get on Oprah=lose your privacy as far as I’ve heard. That’s far too precious to me. I think there are millions of ways to contribute and be recognized without getting on daytime television. Sure, that would help book sales or product push, but at a cost. I’m dedicated to still being a private person. It seems like that though, is decried in many coaching circles as “not trying hard enough”. Feh to the lot of ’em!

    I just had my whole last month sucked down the tubes courtesy of conferences and trainings. I’m just getting out from under. Not enough space to think. Much as I loved doing it all – not enough privacy! Aaagh!

    But for what it’s worth Andy, I think you’ve MORE than stepped up. MORE THAN. (in fact, in NLP training this week, you were my internal MODEL of Steppin’ Up!) But like us all, I think there’s something more out there, beyond all this that’s currently percolating for you. Something that perhaps not now but in time will draw your genius out even further and be of even greater use to all. But for now, you’re doing MORE THAN awesome.


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