Federal Marriage Amendment Quashes State Laws

I was right! I was right! The 2006 election is going to come down to either ‘faggots’ or ‘beaners’ – it looks like we’re slouching towards ‘faggots’. But it is getting burnt out as a hot-button issue.
But why are ‘they’ bothering with the Marriage Protection Amendment aka No Same-Sex Longterm Fudge-packing Companions Ban? Are you guessing it somehow connects or conflicts with abortion? You’re right.
Terrance points us to this article by Jonathan Rauch:

The question posed by the marriage amendment is not just whether gay marriage is a good idea, but who should decide—the states or the federal government? Unless the federal government stepped in, they said, one or two states would impose same-sex marriage on all the rest. Actually, states have defined marriage differently for most of the country’s history. Many of the same conservatives who want the federal government, not the states, to settle gay marriage also want the states, not the federal government, to settle abortion.

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2 replies on “Federal Marriage Amendment Quashes State Laws”

  1. It’s all about politics and the mid-term elections Andy…I think many of us guessed it would come down to this issue. My hope is that this game they’re playing will turn around and bite them in the ass. Bringing this issue up for a vote could possibly get us closer to having legalized same-sex marriage in this country. Fortunately, there is only a slim possibility that this amendment will pass. Same-sex marriage will happen in this country sooner or later…It’s just a matter of time.

  2. The hysteria of the whole issue is what kills me. In Australia, if you live together for 5 years, then you are de facto married regardless of genders of couple. Every one agrees this is best for the issues that arise from long term co-habitation (property, assets, kids). I still am trying to figure out what the hell They are protecting marriage from?? People who treat the “sacred institution” with disrespect with multiple partners and marriages?? Oh no, wait. That’s the same group who’s proposing the law!

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