Are you ever shocked by how long your eyebrows can grow? That you’ll have one that has been growing horizontally so you haven’t been able to notice it but then you are twiddling your brow while you’re watching Stephen Colbert and then you’re completely grossed out at this inch long mammoth brow-hair sprouting from your skull? Me too.

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3 replies on “Eyebrows

  1. J-Bear comments that I gave him crap for having a monobrow and then gave him crap for trimming them – but he buzzes the whole brow down to the nubbins. When I read this to him amid fits of hilarity, he screeched “NOW you know WHY I trim them!”

  2. Hubby uses a small razor to trim his after I made a comment about his father’s 2 and 3 inch eyebrow hairs. It looks pretty nice and even.

    Also, you can probably have your stylist trim and /or wax your brows. Women do it all the time.

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