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  1. Have to agree DRAWN TOGETHER is pretty ace heard about it whilst searching for unaired episodes of Threshold (of all things) and stumbled across a site that was saying it was funnier than FAMILY GUY or AMERICAN DAD (not sure it is – its definately more in your face thou, lol). Maybe I’ll change my mind when I’ve seen more – only seen 3 ep’s of season 2 so far. Downloaded the lot (don’t think the season one folder I downloaded has the unaired episode thou). You must see PTV and BRIAN SINGS & SWINGS episodes of FAMILY GUY thou…”Best Episodes Ever, lol”

  2. Drawn together is the most stupid toon ever created. It trys to rip off ideas from south park! It glorifies fags, niggers, and jews! Who needs to see some obnoxious nigger bitch like Foxy? We have enough mouthy ass niggers in real life! And Adam Corolla needs his butt kicked for helping out by adding his voice for a disgusting pig that sniffs his own green cloud farts! It won’t be long and drawn together will be flushed down the shitter with kid notorious! And anyone that thinks drawn together is funny should have a red hot poker shoved up his or her ass…..which is the same kind of torture as having to watch 5 minutes of this retarded cartoon!

  3. DUDE you are such an arsehole!
    whoever think drawn together is too harsh or stupid hav jus got their heads rammed up their own ass to realise that its just a fucking cartoon!
    Your just a rascist piece of shit who spends too much time pissin ppl off on da internet bcoz every1’s fed up wit u doin it in real life!

    so suck on that BITCH!

  4. OMG. this is the most awsome show on the planet. i love Xanders character he is so CUTE!!!!
    does any one remember in the Gay Bash episode when he said he was taking another “gay test” and it was realy a pregnancy test but it turned out posative anyway?
    okay that was strang, but would anyone object to a pregnant Xander?
    i think it would be really funny!
    and cute.
    you can think im prev, i dont care there are plenty of MPREG fans out there that would agree with me.

  5. my friends even say that i talk like him sometimes, Clean up d-ese dirty dishes, you white american trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ling Ling say
    i dont give a f#@#* abot tat b$$#%$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  8. Toot is my idol! She’s fat, she’s out of control, did I mention she was fat?, and she is the coolest. Godamn it! Now I sound like a fan boy…Toot is like a role model for fat people everwhere, one day, we will all rise up and squish the tiny, skinny people! Long live the Phat ones!!!

  9. Toot is awesome! She isn’t that fat to me. She seems fine ^__^

    I also love lingling, xandir, foxxy, and woldoor.

    aw hell, I love them all! This is my second favorite show other than south park!

  10. I like cereal i like chocolate milk, and i like Drawn Together!
    DT rocks!!!! ling-ling is cool! Anyne who is offended by this is a WIMP!!!!!!!

    I LIKE BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. i do enjoy drawn together and i have seen all the episodes from series 1 and 2 i even named my ginger cat Ling-Ling! and i cant wait for the 3rd series and fully hope drawn together never ends!

  12. DT is like so Awesome. I wanna become the Pimp Lord Spanky HAM!! Absolute funniest character ever!! I Love HIM!!

  13. Yeah…this show’s….not very good. Many of the characters are one-dimensional jokes such as Toot for example. Yeah, jokes with racism are funny, but Drawn Together is incredibly repetitious. The humor is static.

    I like Captain Hero though. He’s too good for Drawn Together.

  14. A few quick facts: Ling Lings dialogue is really really not in Japanese, it’s basically jibberish. Of course Drawn Together characters are “one dimensional jokes” .. thats half the fun. And thinking Xandir is hot is very strange and quite disturbing. Oh a lighter note it’s one of the best shows ever and deserves much honor in hat form.

  15. why would u come to a site just to insult the subject matter? you are a disgrace to the internet. stay in ur room small child.

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  17. The show is pathetic.

    I can’t even stand to have it on in the background while I do other things. The pace of the dialogue and quality of the humor is utterly annoying, like a fluorescent light buzzing. I hate that show.

    Just televised idiot noise.

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  19. Drawn Togetgher is retarded. I can’t believe there’s gonna be a fourth season of that overtly disgusting show. They need to quit while they’re still ahead.

  20. ya’ll just hatin’ on ma dawgg xandir ya’ll need to chill out and foxxy is 1 of the best characters y ya’ll hatin’ we need to meet so i can tell u how i feel about u n xandir…….okay? oh! He’s mine so this goes out 2 the user Huntress and EVERY OTHER PERSON WHO’S DEEPLY IN LOVE WIT HIM!!!!!!

  21. Nawl, Xandir is my man Just kiddin’ i really like him and he’s my favorite character but for those who wants 2 go with him i remind you HE’S JUST A CARTOON!

  22. I’ve seen about three of these cartoon’s episodes, have to say they try too hard to make it funny that it makes it seem like they don’t try enough to be funny… kinda makes sense, but meh it had its moments now and then kinda like futurama………… South Park totaly kicks this shows ass, just sayin!

  23. This is the worst show on the air. Why do they continue to keep making it? I could write a funnier script in a drunken stupor. I am a fan of South Park, The Simpsons, Futurama, and most funny cartoons, but this is so corny, unoriginal and just plain fucking retarded that I completely avoid the piece of shit. Never watch this show, ever. If you do, you are just encouraging the dumbass writers to keep churning out the same stupid shit humor. Its hard to believe that those writers went to college or even high school and are now just making tasteless and cliche jokes. I hope anyone who has to do with this show dies in a blazing inferno just so any memory of this piece of shit show will be erased.

  24. Drawn together is sooo funny!
    Are they doing a fourth season? I heard it might be/might not be. Please do, a fourth season with be super fantastic

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