Download the Rich Jerk Ebook for Free

Independent reviews of the Rich Jerk program on the way.

I’ve watched this guy for quite a while and have always enjoyed his branding. It combines the best of marketing asshole-ism with branding bastardy. I loved the snarky salespages and the snotty attitude towards the customer.

But then I saw the infommercial.

Yup. An infommercial for an infoproduct. My jaw dropped. I think this is the first time I’d seen an ebook on sale through a cable network commercial.

I caved and bought the ebook. I love it. I’ll report more on it later on but I wondered if there some place for a future Rich Jerk to get the product for free. What’s more Jerk-ish than ripping off the Jerk himself?
Is the Rich Jerk ebook available for free as a download on the file-sharing networks?

Was there a place to find a hacked version of the ebook for free or a crack for the ebook itself?

I booted up my Bittorrent client and started searching for a torrent – I also did searches on Kazaa and Limewire and found the Rich Jerk ebook for free. Here was this ebook for free download, free for teh taking.

One problem:

All the versions that are out there in the file-sharing networks aren’t up-to-date. Most of the downloads out there are over a year old and so are very out-of-date.

So you can get the Rich Jerk as a free download but you won’t have the most recent version.

(Links above are affiliate links that promote the Rich Jerk, I’ll be posting an independent review over the next few days.)

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  1. I found the Rich Jerks ebook on limewire for free. I dont know if its up to date or not but its packed with a load of info for both the experienced and inexperienced affiliate marketer. I saved it onto a flashdrive (which is what i recommend anyone who gets it to do) and even printed it out and put it in one of those clear binders that high school kids would use to hand in english papers. I also found Day Job Killer and a host of other ebooks for free that are designed to make the average joe into a virtual millionaire online. I have yet to put any of them to use because i dont have my own website yet. But that’ll all change within the next few months. Rich jerk recommends hosting, since its only $7.95/month, but i’ve found a cheaper site, has hosting plans that start at $3.99/month!

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