Don Imus: I’m Sorry I’m a Bigoted Asshole

I really don’t get this at all. It took how many days for the leadership at MSNBC to respond to this? But now he says that he is sorry… well that just totally excuses the remarks. He’s sorry. And I can’t believe this is the top story right now. This is an easy reach story, journalists. Report it and move on to other things. ‘The need for reconciliation…’? Ugh.


Paul Begala just said this:

From victims to stars to heroes.

That echoes my usual rant about victims => survivors => heroes.

Begala is calling for reconciliation and healing. (burp)

I agree with their conservative commentator on CNN in this case being a radio commentator is not a right.

Oh God now we have to hear from the coach. Etc. Etc.

Don Imus is a racist asshole – a very popular racist asshole – and to say ‘well he’s a radio veteran’ as an excuse that he has this long career etc etc – I am interested to see what sponsors continue to sponsor his show.

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