4 replies on “Dolphins Circle Humans to Fend Off Great White Shark”

  1. This reminds me of a statistics class I took in college. The prof. told us about how dolphins would push swimmers to shore if they were out to far in the ocean from the beach. Then she asked us what was wrong with the story. What’s wrong with it is that you never hear from the people who got pushed further out to sea. All this to say, wow. That’s a cool story.

  2. I read this story this morning, but I talked myself out of posting any more great white shark references in one week. Dolphins seem to me to be the most advanced form of life on our planet. They also have sex for pleasure, which I think is also admirable.

    Your statistics story was interesting. Hopefully, I’ll never run into a dyslexic pod of dolphins that push me out to the great white shark.

  3. Dolphins are large animals and we are lucky they love us like children if i saw a shark wanting to attack a dolphin i would definetly help the dolphin, even if it meant i would face grave harm, i beleive i am related to a dolphin.

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