Do You Believe in Evil?

On the way home, dad and I talked about evil. I’m not sure I really believe in evil. Or rather I think that I feel that when you declare someone Evil that doesn’t mean you are automatically Good. So often declaring something or someone or some group as evil means you divorce the argument from any social or historical context. Was Hitler simply evil? I don’t think so. His actions were the result of his times and his choices. He brought horrible acts to bear and reveled in him but I don’t think it was because the Devil was influencing him – we was influenced by his own greed, fear and power. To say he was simply evil is to excuse his actions from being about something greater. I feel this way especially when Mr. Bush calls someone or some group ‘evildoers’ or says that we’re after a bunch of ‘killers’. It panders so much to the black/white, good/evil, might=right, kill first/questions later ethos. I still feel nauseous when I think of Lynn Cheney asking Wolf Blitzer ‘Do you want us to win this war?’ Journalists shoudn’t care who wins a war – as long as people are dying on either side they should be reporting it.

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  1. For the time that I was able to share with you I am forever greatful.Thank-you for letting me show you off to some friends.For the folks that read and or cuss this blog I would say turn to your family they are the safetynet of generations.We are in a new generation of raising families with one parent.The social stucture,churches and government, are trying to keep their heads above water by focusing on the power of money instead of the needs of people.When you are young good/evil becomes shades of gray.When one gets older the lines are very defined.Evil and people how follow that course are alive and kicking………..

  2. You are right man!! Although the last sentence: “…as long as people are dying on either side they should be reporting it”, I believe so too but as a photojournalist I am, I’ve had people complaining about me taking pictures of dead people in accidents as they say that’s evil and I don’t have any moral. So if I don’t snap that, how am I going to report it and let the world know? What should I do?
    Amazing website you have here man, I love it!! Stay in touch x

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