Divorce Rate Higher for Christians Compared to Other Faith Groups

The couple that doesn’t pray at all together, stays together:

With Atheism, women and men are equally responsible for a healthy marriage.  There is no room in Atheist ethics for the type of ‘submissive’ nonsense preached by Baptists and other Christian and/or Jewish groups.  Atheists reject, and rightly so, the primitive patriarchal attitudes so prevalent in many religions with respect to marriage

Eat it:

The data showed that the highest divorce rates were found in the Bible Belt. "Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama and Oklahoma round out the Top Five in frequency of divorce… the divorce rates in these conservative states are roughly 50 percent above the national average"

Nice comment from Mefi user Faze:

Faze’s First Law of Religious Proportion: "Big sinners need big religion." People are drawn to severe sects and fundamentalist churches because they are aware that they lack control and need a strong structure of beliefs and external support to keep themselves in line. It should be no surprise that the big sinners who are attracted to big religion should have trouble keeping a marriage together.

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