Diverted Cookie Run

The bad news is I went out last night to White Hen on a cookie run.

The good news is instead of cookies I came home with a bag of granola cereal.

The good news is I had granola instead of cookies.

The bad news is I ate the entire bag.

The good news is it has lots of fiber.

The bad news is the bag is 12oz.

This is around when mom or dad would say: You’re gonna smell like Secretariat.

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4 replies on “Diverted Cookie Run

  1. I’m picturing the time Karen, you and I ate all those granola bars then drank a bunch of water. Then the granola swelled in our tummies and we felt so miserable the entire night.
    “Smell like Secretariat” funny…

  2. Hey, at least you didn’t eat a bag of cookies that can have “a mild laxative effect” and then go running the next morning (again).

  3. I’m guessing these are the ‘0 impact carb’ cookies where the sugar alcohols give you the shits – when you eat a whole freakin’ bag (yup, I’ve been there done that, too!).

  4. I ‘accidentally’ bought one of those 3-packs of Ben &#38; Jerry ‘Wich cookie/ice cream combos.

    Later I managed to convince myself it would be better to eat them all, then that would silence their tiny little ‘Please eat me!’ cries from my freezer.

    Hope bf doesn’t find out, he’ll hit me…

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