Dept of Ed Paid Commentator 1/4 Million to Promote ‘No Child Left Behind’

Armstrong Williams, a nationally syndicated radio, print and television personality, was paid $240,000 by the Education Department to promote the No Child Left Behind Act.

He agreed to the contract because he believes in the legislation. So um,

Why do you have to be paid to promote something you already believe in?

Williams contends:

Even though I’m not a journalist – I’m a commentator – I feel I should be held to the media ethics standard. My judgment was not the best. I wouldn’t do it again, and I learned from it.

But he’s not giving the money back.

Updated: Williams is a commentator, not a journalist and that makes a difference to some people.

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  1. What a waste of tax dollars… kinda like television commercials for the Post Office. Armstrong Williams, commentator or journalist, is a whore. YAY… the sydication service for his weekly newspaper column has dropped him. Hopefully, radio and television syndicates will follow.

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