Damned to Saddam

You’re a UN Inspector and a man jumps into your vehicle screaming “Save me! Save me!”. What do you do? You turn him over to the Iraqi authorities who now claim to have “no information on the incident.” (via Metafilter)

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One reply on “Damned to Saddam

  1. Yeah, those “inspectors” have to cow to any form of authority. It’s their instinct. Here’s the thought process…. FACED WITH ETHICAL DILEMMA….MUST THINK FOR SELF…..NOT PART OF PROGRAMMING….FIND AUTHORITY ….FIND AUTHORITY….

    O.K., actually that might not really apply to this story… but still, saddam needs to go. At all costs. Forget “inspections”, destroy saddam, put in a new government of ETHICAL people. Not more of the same greedy sicko oil baron freaks.

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