Completely Unsubstantiated

Picked this up from Sam who picked if up from Trevor. A completely unsubstantiated, yet elegantly nightmare scenario:

you read it here first: i predict that president bush nominates john ashcroft… to join the u.s. supreme court as soon as a vacancy opens. chief justice rehnquist is hanging on to life by only a thread, so a nomination is bound to happen very soon.

In other news The Onion so perfectly captures Ashcroft’s exit with the headline ‘Ashcroft Loses Job to Mexican.’

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2 replies on “Completely Unsubstantiated

  1. my conclusion on sam’s site: “i begrudgingly concede that ashcroft probably will not be nominated. i really wanted to watch ashcroft anoint himself with crisco as he ascended up the hallowed halls of justice. but consider this: bush found ashcroft to be the attorney general. bush will likely nominate someone like ashcroft (or worse, if that’s possible) to join the supreme court. you can change the face or the name, but the underlying, pernicious agenda remains the same…”

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