Comedy Central Last Laugh 2004

Does anyone really find Norm Macdonald funny? I’ve always thought he was incredibly lame. He has that stupid grin on his face as he says completely dumb jokes.

Same with Colin Quinn. He seems less funny and more abrasive than anything. Sort of like Letterman – who I found incredibly aggravating and growing more and more cantankerous (granted I haven’t watched him regularly in years).

I think I have a crush on Greg Giraldo.

I retract that – he just made a lame Michael-Moore’s-fat joke.

I keep thinking back to Tom Lehrer’s remark:

With audiences nowadays I see it with these late-night [TV show] people, Jay Leno, David Letterman and so on the audience applauds the jokes rather than laughs at them, which is very discouraging. Laughter is involuntary. If it’s funny you laugh. But you can easily clap just to say [deadpan]: ‘A ha, that’s funny, I think that’s funny.’ Sometimes they cut to the audience and you can see they are applauding madly. But they’re not laughing.

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  1. uhm, if you had bothered to watch ‘tough crowd with colin quinn’ you would know one of his pet peeves was guests getting applause instead of jokes, and he would tell the guests to stop making those jokes and tell the audience to stop applauding.

    riechman i agree, that poem was amazing, and wasted on a crap venue like comedy central.

  2. I really want a transcript of Colin Quinn’s speech/poem also. I can think of very few ways to top that as a comment on society in 2004. Please comment on my blog if you find it!

  3. I don’t want to start any crazy rumors or anything, and forgive me if I sound stupid, but I couldn’t help but thinking “did eminem write Colin Quinns speech at last laugh 2004?” I couldn’t help but recognize a distinct flow, and vocabulary very similar to that of eminem. Not that Colin Quinn isn’t capable of writing a speech like that, as talented as he is himself.
    Just curious really… does anyone know?


  5. I am usually not a fan of Colin Quinn’s stand up or his role on “Weekend Update” on SNL. I think he has bad timing and seems to have a lot of trouble with reading crowds. I used to think “Tough Crowd” was his best work, because it is a more informal setting and he flows much better, until I saw his set on Last Laugh 04. That was amazing. Unfortunately, it was too much to take in at one time. That is why I would also like a transcript of it if anyone finds it.

  6. I agree that Colin Quinn’s monologue/poem shows off his talent. He’s really a smart and funny guy, and I’m disappointed that Tough Crowd is gone. I can’t say every episode or every guest was excellent, but the regulars were and the concept was refreshing.

    I agree that fat jokes are easy, but, come on. Some of them are actually kinda good. Greg Giraldo’s terrific.

    By the way, here’s a link to the Quinn poem:

  7. I agree you are lame… and gay too.
    About norm You’re just stupid and can’t understand norm’s comedy


    P.S: You’re still gay and lame

  8. Sorry that you didn’t like Norm’s gig, but that small portion doesn’t highlight his fabulous stand up routine. I saw him in Vegas and his stem cell debate was very funny, I’m surprised he didn’t deliver that punch line. It was quite funny and dirty.

    For more on Norm, check out

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