Coffin Photos Released with FOIA

The Memory Hole filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain pictures of soldier’s coffins coming home from Iraq. The request was initially denied but after an appeal was approved and granted. Remember, this was not particular to just the Bush administration – it was created by the DoD some years before – and to me just re-affirms by belief that some see war as a P.R. situation to be managed and branded – not the commitment of life-or-death resources.

The site is overloaded righ tnow but Drudge is posting the pictures (un-credited to Memory Hole – tacky!).

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  1. A similar pic was taken by a cargo worker in Kuwait and then sent to the Seattle Times – the worker was later fired.

    You know the pain of a loss -a close high school that was killed for no know reason-Jermey.I graduated in May and a Boy that I played Football with went to the Marines.When I started IUS in the fall I went to see him at Coot’s(local Funeral home). I ,like his parents ,want the government to tell us why he was killed ……We are going to reinstate the draft and young people will be killed so we can drive SUV……You must see or take Studs Terkel out to lunch he can see the future because he was from the past…….

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