How about that Universal Health Care?

I just got my notice for COBRA insurance from my job (last day was Friday).

To continue my current coverage would cost me $453.90 a month.

Isn’t that insane? Almost as insane as not having health insurance.

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  1. Yeah, it’s insane alright. I’ve dealt with that a time or two myself, after a job loss. I never ended up needing to use COBRA, because I was fortunate enough to find a job before my benefits ran out.

  2. i have never know ANYONE who took out the cobra coverage for that very reason. yeah, they offer it but no one can afford it. it’s a farse to be sure.

  3. $450 for Cobra. Yikes. I thought I had it rough at $357 including dental and vision. Sorry to read about your job loss — I’ve been out since November. Advertising print production and the jobs are few and far between. Best to you.
    PS – You seem like a totally healthy guy – check out Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. One of my former co-workers had to do so and she got a great rate (around $250). I didn’t qualify due to diabetes.

  4. Yo Andy, this is about par for the course. When the hubby lost his job a couple of years ago in the crash, we found COBRA too expensive – for the two of us, and me with a history of broken back and hospitalization (all the way back in the early 90’s, but it still COUNTED!) it was topping $890. Who can afford that, rent and kibble for the likes of AstroBoy? It’s a goddamn shame, a shill and a swindler’s circus. Government assistance, my Aunt Fanny!

    Then and again if you don’t pay it, they can always smugly say that “you didn’t do your bit” so you’d better be in tip-top condition when you reapply. With my history, we couldn’t even get supplementary insurance in a reasonable range. I don’t use doctors anymore. If I break a leg, then I’ll go. But in the meanwhile, we’re all getting taken to the cleaners. Bah-humbug to the lot of ’em!

  5. This is assuming that you work a job where your employer pays for ALL of your insurance costs (I paid just under half). How many jobs are left where the employer pays everything? They’re going fast.

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