Cindy Sheehan Shuts Down Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin said she didn’t think Casey Sheehan, Cindy’s son killed in Iraq, would approve of what his mom was doing. This morning Sheehan responded: "I didn’t know Casey knew Michelle Malkin…I’m Casey’s mother and I knew him better than anybody else in the world…I can’t bring Casey back, but I wonder how often Michelle Malkin sobbed on his grave. Did she go to his funeral? Did she sit up with him when he was sick when he was a baby?"

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4 replies on “Cindy Sheehan Shuts Down Michelle Malkin

  1. Michelle based her opinion on the fact that Casey Sheehan enlisted/joined the military. You don’t join the military if you are a diligent anti-war activist. Military volunteers subscribe to a philosophy that is not in line with “war is bad” and “America is evil.”

    I think that’s what she was commenting on, not what Casey was like when he was a baby.

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