Chronicles of Riddick, The

If you can tell me what the hell this movie is about, more power to you. What a snoozefest. What a way to flush Judi Dench’s time down the toilet. The movie seems like it has 2 separate storylines that limp along like a drunk slug. Effects and design are great and features hotter-than-hot Thandie Newton. Miss-able in the third degree. Wait till it hits TBS.

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3 replies on “Chronicles of Riddick, The

  1. This film was about the antihero’s quest to avoid any involvement in a karmically unavoidable conflict of grand proportions, through which he achieves a previously thought unattainable level of salvation for his past misdoings.

    Um. Feh. Screw that.

    Vin is hot. That’s what it was about.

    He should’ve done the role naked.

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