Chicago Pride Parade 2006 Grand Marshall: GEORGE TAKEI!

Fantastic news! This is just as great as Esera Tualo! Of course if Ron asks me if which movie Mr. Sulu is in – is it the one with Han Solo or the one that says ‘nanoo-nanoo’ with the Ewoks I might have to divorce him.

And no I didn’t have a crush on George Takei when I was younger. I just really admire him for his work in keeping visible the crazyness of the Japanese internment camps in WWII (in which he was interred) as well as coming out and being a positive role model. And I just think he’s a cool guy all around.

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  1. FYI-He’s a FRONTRUNNER so he just might show up the prior Saturdsay at their Pride Run. You can GOOGLE Chicago Frontrunners for more details on the location, time, etc.

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