Chicago Named Dirtiest U.S. City

(via Chicagoist)

Chicago named dirtiest city of the top 50 US metros.

I will say that Chicago is a smelly city. From a baby diaper left on a bus to seeing a grown woman urinate – through her skirt – while standing – and smoking – and talking… And on warm summer nights you can smell the E. Coli drifting in off the lake.

Portland was named the cleanest.

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One reply on “Chicago Named Dirtiest U.S. City”

  1. I wonder how accurate those totals are. New York (esp. in the summer) is infinitely more smelly than Chicago. NYC’s Sanitation numbers are also not available on that chart, which means they aren’t factored into the total. Seeing as how they leave their trash out on the curb, or on the sidewalks even (because there are no alleys for trash bins), I would think that would tip the “Dirtiest” title in their favor.

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