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I’m titling the post as it is to catch Google traffic to send to the best massage therapist in Chicago.

His name is Patrick – he does massage in a home studio just west of Ashland and Wellington.

And this is real massage – not some euphemism like ‘bodywork’ or ‘sexual surrogate’.

Patrick is the guy that took me through the ten-session sequence called Structural Therpay (same basis as Rolfing) about 2 1/2 years ago. I remember mom and dad visiting soon after I complete the program and they said that I hadn’t looked that relaxed in years. I didn’t stick with it – getting tune-ups so I’m back on the table. And I’m lovin’ it.

This is deep tissue that is beyond deep. Most of the problems with my joints and muscles right now revolve around a too-tight right psoas muscle that wraps around to my back and pulls my shoulder out of joint as well as flipping my right hip out – impacting my ankle and hip. Plus, my sister suspects that my abductor and adductor weight training would eventually screw up my right knee cap – which had started to have a dull ache. I’m a mess. It’s always amazing how deep his hands can get into my abdominal wall. And it hurts like hell. But it’s wonderful. I was actually giggling on the way home because it felt so good to have all of that tension pushed out of me.

If you want a fantastic massage in Chicago shoot me an email and I can give you Patricks’ contact info. If you are looking for a massage in Nashville I can send you to my sister. She’s got hands of steel.

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  1. Sounds like a ton of fun. My massage therapist is Leon in Marne, MI at the Baths of Caraculla. The owner of the day spa copied the design and services from a day spa in Italy down to the most detailed element. My old co-worker from Chicago came up for a full day session and walked away feeling better than she ever had and all for about 1/3 the cost in Chicago !!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving stud.

  2. Massage therapists and bodyworkers are continually harassed and degraded by assinine “clients” I take offense to your hee-hawing about the term “bodywork.” The term “bodywork” was coined so that legitimate therapists could avoid using the word “massage” since so many perverts cannot wrap their thick skulls around the fact that “massage” is not sexual, and massage therapists should not be harassed, groped/assaulted, etc.

    Furthermore, since in many states, Shiatsu therapists, Thai Yoga Therapists, Rolfers, etc cannot use the term “massage” the term “bodywork” is a more inclusive term meant to make sure that they are acknowledged and able to advertise themselves as valid contributors to the healing community.

    I hope you will consider either amending the comments on your site, or including this response so that the term :”bodywork” does not become ANOTHER term which brings sexual harassment and undeserved disrespect to caring professionals.

    Thank you.

  3. Please change your post. You have it backward: “massage” is lowest on the foodchain I’m afraid. Too many of them, poor skillset. Why does anyone teach swedish anymore? Try an actual Rolfer.

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