Chicago Gas Prices Hit $3.59

The Sunday call home included an exchange of gas prices.

In Chicago, the highest is $3.59. (via Chicago Gas Prices) Back home around $3.19 (via Gas Buddy).

The average in Chicago is $3.16. 

A week ago it was $2.81.

A year ago it was $1.89. That’s a 67% increase for you stats-freaks out there.

This is usually when non-US folks chide Quit yer bitchin’! We’ve been paying double that all along you monolingual, preventive/pre-emptive, non-passport-carrying, car-worshippers!

Gas cans are selling out. Especially ones that lock.

Training videos: Max Max 1, 2 and 3. 

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  1. As much as I don’t like gas prices going higher, I have a sick belief this is what may actually wake people up out of their comfortable lives and start questioning and talking about the impact this administration has done to our daily lives.

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