Chicago Beef Stand Offers ‘Ghetto Fries’

Robin Robinson is spouting about a local Chicago restaurant selling ‘ghetto fries’ – turns out:

"Ghetto Frys" are topped with Merkt’s cheese, beef gravy, bbq sauce, chopped onions, and hot peppers. 

No word yet if Boystown restaurants are going to offer ‘Faggot Fries’ or ‘Dippin’ Dykes’.  Lincoln Park won’t have ‘Trixie Twat Tots’.

Note: they’ve been selling this stuff for over a year. Nontroversy.

FOX just had a political consultant asking

What if they had Jewcakes at the breakfast diner?

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12 thoughts on “Chicago Beef Stand Offers ‘Ghetto Fries’

  1. Terrance

    Yeah. Andy’s a cutie. In fact, if I were single and in Chicago….well…nevermind. 😉

    I think “faggot fries” would have to be made from sweet potatoes, with an herbed dipping sauce on the side, and a light dusting of parmesean cheese.

  2. Marc Felion

    My coworker told me that a Middle Eastern restaurant in Lakeview serves a “Gay Salad.” I use to drive by the Ghetto Fries place on Western all the time. I never stopped for them though. In Canada they call it “poutine” and you can get almost anything dumped on your fries there.

  3. John

    Even better, one time for snacks a rehearsal a friend of mine brought flat bread and “Garlicy Homos.” It was interesting night after that.

  4. Mike

    The owner of Max’s Italian Beef is an old hockey coach of mine. He missed all those games to think up “Ghetto Fries?”

  5. straightasanarrow

    The word “ghetto” as an epithet is not remotely the same thing as “faggot” or “jew”. While “faggot” and “jew” are nouns, “ghetto” is an adjective in this sense. It refers to that which is of the street.

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