Cheryl Jacques Leaves Human Rights Campaigns

(via Palochi in a Ranty McRanty-Pants-worthy post )

Jacques was a casualty of the debate over whether the gay community should lower its sights [on marriage and focus on civil unions], said her friend and former colleague Scott Harshbarger, who has spoken with Jacques since her departure.

As Palochi writes:

It is not your goal to negotiate and make compromises out of the concern that you’ll alienate someone. You’re an activist — part of your job is to make people uncomfortable to the point where they recognize a need to make changes in the system…. As a result of the HRC situation… I’m thinking of wearing (and sending them) a new t-shirt: “Don’t suck political cock.”

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2 replies on “Cheryl Jacques Leaves Human Rights Campaigns

  1. I just read the full article in the Boston Globe which made me think: how do you create a more balanced and fair society when members of that society are so adamently opposed change and/or do not believe that there is a problem? I know that education has been touted, but there seems to be a large segment of the population which does not want to be informed.
    How do you get people to want to learn and then to transform their viewpoints to a point of creating room for everyone to live in society?

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