One way that Ron entertains me is to purposefully mispronounce words. I asked him what he’s going to work on at the gym:

RON: I’m gonna work on my legs and chaste.

ME: So your going to work on your pake-terals?

RON: Yep. My chaste.

So juvenile and yet it makes me giggle like a litte gehl. 


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7 replies on “Chased”

  1. Since I, too, am a Filipino named Ron, I feel comfortable in admitting that I sometimes refer to “taking a shower” as “shaking a tower,” though it’s not too far from the truth.

  2. At least he uses approximately the right words. My bloke is an expert at malapropisms, or just plain makes words up as he goes along. I can usually decipher him though. The whole Bristolian thing doesn’t help…I mean how the buggery is a non-Bristolian supposed to know what “cup ee down” means?

    His favourite word seems to be “ficklety” – I have not yet managed to translate this one.

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