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Andymatic 011

Here’s an interview I taped today with Daniel from The DC Unity Walk.

September 11, 2005 in DC:

Yeah so the hardware I bought kept crashing my computer and I couldn’t figure out why – it doesn’t work with Celeron processors. Guitar Center wouldn’t take it back so I’m selling the MF on eBay. New hardware pending.

I have recorded lots of stuff but it is all stuck in Pro Tools.

Update: Oh hell – play button not working. Yeargh! 

My Odeo Channel (odeo/becd49ae19598fa2)

Andymatic 20050820

General musings about birthdays, Manhole and compliments.


Note: audio mix a little on the quiet side. 

Update: Tessa couldn’t find a parking spot in all of Lakeview so she opted to just drive all the way back home – six hours! I gave her all the Coke and Pepsi I have.

So now I have a cleared schedule and a cleaned house and Ron’s gone! What do I do now?