The Music Industry, Post-Payola

Secrets from the music industry: “[A]ny citizen could walk into an airport and buy plane tickets with cash. A common ruse was to have the A&R guy ( Artist and Repertoire) use company cash, buy tickets and give them to Local PDs at radio stations. These tickets were as good as cash but not a […]

Workout Playlist

Waiting for supplements to kick in. Exported my workout playlist to a spreadsheet then used a CONCATENATE function to make it purdy: Playlist title: Lean, Sexy, Strong. ‘Spitfire’ by The Prodigy from Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned ‘Disposable Teens’ by Marilyn Manson from Holy Wood ‘New American Century’ by KMFDM from Hau Ruck ‘Real Thing’ by […]