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  • Windows Open

    It was cool enough last night to have the windows open so the house smells a bit fresher than usual. I’ve also lit the oil burner thingy and so we should have a nice citrus wafting through the air. Do you pronounce ‘waft’ so that it rhymes with ‘raft’ or ‘loft’? Was working on an […]

  • Saturday Check in

    TOday is Saturday. I still don’t have the required Mead notebooks for me to continue my handwritten journaling so I am typing for now. I have one of those candle/oil things in the bathroom going so the green tea oil is wafting its way into the bedroom, sucked along by 2 big box fans in […]

  • Sir Mix-A-Lot 'Put ‘Em on the Glass”

    When I was a kid there was a channel called The Box where you could dial-in and request your favorite movie videos (I think this was later bought by MTV). One of the classic music videos then was Mix-A-Lot’s Put’Em On the Glass (this was after ‘Baby Got Back’ hit). We thought it was really […]

  • Faster Pussycat: Go, Go Kitty Go!

    That’s skinny-minny Brigitte on the right there. As a BLONDE! “Wanda (Annie Gloyn) and Sugar 36 (Brigitte Ditmars) are two cycle loving go-go girls out to avenge the death of their close friend in the Russ Meyers inspired Go Go Kitty, Go!, presented by Hell in a Handbag Productions, June 4 & 5 at 8pm […]

  • Flaming Weatherman

  • Condoleezza Rice Redefines ‘Imminent'

    I don’t know about you but when I hear the word imminent I think right now and immediately and within the next several weeks. Imminent threat was a huge part of the justification to invade Iraq. Condoleeza backs away: "But [Iraq was] not an imminent threat," presses Stephanopoulous. "George, the question of imminence isn’t whether […]

  • Iraq Blogger Leaves Baghdad

    Riverbend, author of Baghdad Burning: The Wall is the latest effort to further break Iraqi society apart. Promoting and supporting civil war isn’t enough, apparently- Iraqis have generally proven to be more tenacious and tolerant than their mullahs, ayatollahs, and Vichy leaders. It’s time for America to physically divide and conquer– like Berlin before the […]

  • Barbara Ann Was Written By an Iranian

    Fred Fassert wrote the Beach Boys hit and is of Iranian heritage.

  • Bush Approval Rating New Low: 28%

    And Congress not much better: Those polled gave Congress an approval rating of 27%, with the Democrats as a group pulling in 35% approval, compared with 22% for Republicans.

  • Call Your House Reps: Floor Vote on Cheney Impeachment Tomorrow (Wednesday)

    (Update below) Put up or shut up. Do you have a whole 2 minutes of your day to express your dis-satisfaction? Hell, you can do this on your way to get your afternoon latte. Go to, look up your Congress rep and tell them about the impeachment vote tomorrow. In an 18-page draft resolution, […]