90 Days

I chop up my year into four quarters but instead of going off the traditional fiscal year, I mark the beginning and end with a birthday. Yesterday was January 23rd meaning I have 90 days until I turn 34. I have lots of things I’d like to accomplish by April 23rd. The past few weeks […]

Money Matters

And it is Wednesday. Our money discussion went well last night. I’d created a budget for us that outlined how much we both contribute to the joint account, how much we each have in our separate accounts and how much we have left after we pay rent and utilities and all the other things that […]

It is Sunday. Ron is lightly snoring. Woke up to Astro sleeping on top of me purring. Downy is usually at our feet. Downy has a strange attraction to cords and cables. One his favorite nooks is between the TV stand and our big box o’ cords that we haven’t packed away from moving (you […]

Topless Tapas

I got to bed super early last night and so I’m now awake at 3:33 in the morning. Half of the support team is onsite this week so we all went out to dinner last night to a tapas bar. RON (in Orange County): What did you have for dinner tonight? ANDY: I went out […]


Last night Ron and I kinda admitted to eachother how isolated we feel. I think it is our lack of neighborhood. No, this is not a surprise at all. We live south of the financial district with no color and no culture – just tall concrete buildings. Maybe we can find some place close to […]

Recovery Cake

Ron baked a double-layer cake for my birthday on Friday night (maybe Thursday). 2 Super-Moist yellow cakes with chocolate frosting. Very yummy. The trouble is, we are the only people in the house eating cake. After our Saturday workouts we came home to feed. Most gym rats would have a recovery shake. We ate recovery […]

In the Company of Men

Ron and I had gone to the bar Midnight Sun last Monday to meet one of his flight attendant buddies for drinks along with his usual assortment of Monday evening drinking buddies. That one Colton Ford music video was playing and it seemed like everyone was much taller than we were (are?). Everyone in SF […]