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Inside Heroin

From a Reddit discussion drug abuse:

“It’s fun, it felt good, it made the night seem more exciting, made you feel like the social butterfly you always wanted to be, all of your problems quickly fade away.

The next day (following a mild hangover) you think to yourself, “That was fun, maybe I’ll do it again next weekend”.

Fast forward 2-3 months later. You’ve been doing painkillers every weekend now. The days between start to drag by. They feel dull and you just can’t wait for that “Friday night feeling” once again. So you know what, it’s a Wednesday but who cares. You’ll only do one and save the rest for the weekend, after all, YOU know what’s best for YOU.

Jump ahead another few months. Now you’re done with the illusion that this is a weekend thing. It feels good. Why wouldn’t you do this everyday? Drug addicts are irresponsible bums that you see on the streets. That’s not you, you’re not a drug addict. You just like the way they make you feel. Besides, all of your friends are doing them and obviously we aren’t ALL drugs addicts. You just like to have fun…also you get a little sick/depressed when you don’t have them.”

It gets worse, read the rest...

Kid Throws Bleach in Face of Movie-Shushing Mom

During a screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince she asked a gang of at least five teenagers to stop making a noise.West Yorkshire Police said two of the group followed the family to a nearby restaurant after the screening and threw bleach over the mum’s head and back.

via UK News

Denver Parents Fight Over Which Gang Their Son Should Join

Dear parents, you obviously are too goddamn stupid to have a reproductive system. Please hand your penis and vagina to your proctor on the way out.

Nope, it isn’t an Onion headline:

His girlfriend told police that they had been arguing about the upbringing of their son and which gang he should belong to. The teen mother, who is black, is a member of the Crips. Manzanares is Hispanic and belongs to the Westside Ballers gang, the woman said. "They have different ideas on how the baby should be raised. Basically, she said they cannot agree on which gang the baby would ‘claim,’" Sandoval said.

Compulsive Gambler Sues Casinos

She’s a lawyer.

Arelia Margarita Taveras says she was even allowed to bring her dog, Sasha, to the blackjack tables, sitting in her purse. But her gambling spun out of control: She said she would go days at a time at the tables, not eating or sleeping, brushing her teeth with disposable wipes so she didn’t have to leave.

But it’s not her fault.

She says her losses totaled nearly $1 million.

But it’s not her fault.

Now she’s chasing the longest of long shots: a $20 million racketeering lawsuit in federal court against six Atlantic City casinos and one in Las Vegas, claiming they had a duty to notice her compulsive gambling problem and cut her off. “They knew I was going for days without eating or sleeping,” Taveras said. “I would pass out at the tables. They had a duty of care to me. Nobody in their right mind would gamble for four or five straight days without sleeping.”

She’s expecting a casino to care for her? That’s completely stupid.

Taveras admitted she dipped into her clients’ escrow accounts to finance her gambling habit.

But it’s not her fault.

Her practice had 400 clients and earned her $500,000 a year. During one five-day gambling jag at Resorts in June 2005, Taveras says, she existed on nothing but orange juice and Snickers bars that the staff gave her. On the fifth day, she said, a dealer told her to go home because she appeared exhausted and unable to keep track of her cards.

But it’s not her fault.

Guys Wins $5.15M Jackpot; Manager Unplugs Slot Machine

Speaking of dry heaves:

Shortly after putting a $20 bill into one of the machines, Paulson said he hit the jackpot. “Next thing I know there’s bells and whistles going off, the place is going crazy,” he said. The machine indicated he’d won $5.15 million; but as the quarters began to pour from the machine, Paulson said a manager came over and shut off the machine.

7 Ounce Mini-Gun Fires 4.5mm Bullets

The SwissMiniGun is the size of a key fob but fires tiny 270mph bullets powerful enough to kill at close range. Officially the world’s smallest working revolver, the gun is being marketed as a collector’s item and measures just 2.16 inches long (5.5cm). It can fire real 4.53 bullets up to a range of 367ft (112m). The stainless steel gun costs £3,000 although the manufacturers also produce extravagant, made-to-order versions made out of 18-carat gold with customised diamond studs which sell for up to £30,000.

Millions Watch as Woman Sexually Assaulted on ‘Big Brother’

A woman passed out drunk on the popular reality TV show ‘Big Brother’. One of the other housemates, then proceed to stick his fingers in her vagina. And the cameras kept rolling.

Bezuidenhout lay down next to the comatose young woman and penetrated her vagina with his fingers. He carried on despite the pleas of another female housemate for him stop. Under the law in South Africa – where, on average, a woman is sexually assaulted every 40 seconds – such an act constitutes rape. Bezuidenhout, who is married, finally desisted and went off to sit by himself while drunkenly sniffing his fingers. At this point the producers of the show did intervene, sending paramedics into the house and cutting the live feed. Bezuindehout, defending his sexual behaviour in a show that has featured copious nudity, recently told his housemates, “Well, this is Africa.”

This was ‘Big Brother’ Africa. I wanted to leave that towards the end of the post. Did your reaction change?

Chicago Police Department Steeped in Blood

Videotapes of angry officers savagely beating civilians and charges that a murder plot was hatched within an elite special operations unit have Chicago’s troubled police department reeling again. The biggest shock came Wednesday when federal prosecutors charged special operations officer Jerome Finnigan with planning the murder of another member of the unit to keep him from talking to the government. The biggest shock came Wednesday when federal prosecutors charged special operations officer Jerome Finnigan with planning the murder of another member of the unit to keep him from talking to the government.

Come on cops: purge the ranks. Your brotherhood is rank. This ain’t LA. Ditch the thugs. They’ll find jobs: I hear Blackwater is hiring.