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Harry Potter Titles Rewritten For Hermione Granger

“Hermione Granger and Why Doesn’t Anyone Read Their Textbooks

Hermione Granger and Seriously Can’t Anyone Else Do Basic Research

Hermione Granger and Exceptional Time Management Skills

Hermione Granger and That Super Hot Bulgarian Dude

Hermione Granger and My Idiot Friend Happens to be Better Than Me at Something

Hermione Granger and My Idiot Friend Gets Schoolwork Advice from a Really Awful Source

Hermione Granger and For Real Would Any of this Ever Get Done Without Me”

Source: EditorialComplex comments on Pureblood Slytherin Hermione

The Backstory on Kindle Unlimited

From a former Amazon employee:

“Worked at amazon in kindle when KU launched. I don’t care to offer you proof, so take my info or leave it; KU: It’s not worth it. Even the team that developed this couldn’t get their heads around where the value was because it doesn’t include huge numbers of big titles and best sellers. A lot of the content is just from amazons own publishing arm, which is known to create only a few big hits (Hugh Howie, etc). KU is basically a repository or channel for most amazon publishing content that is generally not very high quality. Amazon publishing has been racing to redeem itself because it had overlooked fifty shades of grey which initially came to A-Pub but was overlooked. Since then, A-pub has been willing to produce almost anything from street writers with the fear of missing the next equivalent hit. TLDR: amazons own publishing arm generates garbage content in general; Kindle Unlimited is the garbage dump that charges readers a $10/mth fee.”


Feet to the Fire: The Media After 9/11

Kristine Borjesson is back with a new book about media, politics and perception. Her previous book, Into the Buzzsaw is pretty mindblowing.

When I watch network news, it’s just so hard to watch. It isn’t attractive. They all look alike, they all sound alike, they all say the same things. And I don’t care how much makeup Robin wears, or how high she teases the back of her head and smiles and whatever. She’s not interesting, and she’s not covering interesting stories. Literally — the other day, she was covering something about dogs. It was obviously a throwback to one of those [ideas that] “the key stories are vets, pets, tits and tots.”

Added to the wishlist.